I have not written a Marshall update in way too long.

Physically, he has changed so much this summer. He is tall. Really tall. The cub had grown two full inches since April! He outgrew all of his clothes and shoes, now wearing sizes 3/4 and 8 respectively.

His head is covered with beautiful golden hair. It is honey brown underneath and almost white on top. We have successfully cut it once in February at the barber’s. But, he wants NOTHING to do with it, now. He wants a ponytail.

I am always impressed with his physical abilities; taking off and putting on open shoes (wellington boots and crocs), taking off pants, setting up the stool and potty seat combination to use the toilet and wash his hands, climbing, balancing, and using his upper body strength to pull himself up ladders and rings.

Each day Marsh surprises us with a new word or combination of words. He used his words carefully “I sorry, Neko.” or “Marshall disappointed” and sometimes with force to relieve frustration; “Cinders and ashes!”. He says some of the funniest things that my ears have ever heard:

A couple of weeks ago, I said to Ein (one of our two cats) “What were you doing outside all night?” Marsh says, “Singing.” “Singing? Singing what?” “Twinkle, twinkle little meat.”

“Marshall hear snake.” “You hear a snake? What is it doing?” “Eating loon.” “A snake is eating a loon? Where?” “In the woods. Over there.” “Why?” “To cool down.”

I love being by his side as he takes in the world around him. His curiosity and joy are contagious.



Phew! We have been busy since I last posted. There is a lot to catch up on.

We bought and moved into our new house! We are settled in now, with all everyday things unpacked. Some seasonal and storage items need to be unpacked and some books need shelves.

We did not repaint anything, yet. We decided to wait and get to know the space, see how the light enters the rooms before repainting. Nothing is objectionable, the living room is a peachy neutral, the kitchen/dining area is yellow, Adam’s office is a great sage green, and the bathroom is a light blue. Everything else in the main area of the house is just primed. The basement is sheetrocked and mudded, but not primed or painted.

Marshall is running! He loves his new, big yard. We spend as much time outside as possible. He plays with his trucks and wagon in the dirt driveway and gets up and down the grassy hills so quickly now.

I set up his bookshelf, toys, changing area, and musical instruments in the smallest, sunniest of the four bedrooms. We call it the “son room”.

The second, larger (former master bedroom) downstairs bedroom is Adam’s office. I am so glad that he has a place to spread out all his geekery and close the door when he has dangerous, small parts in use.

The two upstairs bedrooms are working out well for us. M took the initiative to begin sleeping in his own bed. I think that he likes having more room to spread out. He usually heads over to snuggle with us shortly before Adam’s alarm goes off. I am slowly getting used to it. It was very difficult at first. I kept waking up and walking over to check on him. He is very proud of his room. He grabs guests hands and pulls them up the stairs to show them his bed.

Marshall has a mouth full of white teeth. 14 in total; his top and bottom primary incisors, top and bottom lateral incisors, top canine, and top and bottom first molars. He still uses them on us. A lot.

Well, that is a start at updating. Still a lot to say. But, the babe is up from his nap and raring to go.