A Scare

We had a scare yesterday afternoon/ evening. Contractions with cramps and backache began at about 1530. I drank two or three glasses of water and laid down on my left side (as instructed by my mid-wife at my last appointment), and tried to wait it out for the recommended hour. They did not subside. I thought that the "drink 24 oz. of water and lay down" instructions were particularly humorous...What I really did was drink the water, lay down, get up, go the bathroom, lay down, get up, go the bathroom, etc...for about three and a half hours. We finally decided to call in and get some advice at around 1930. The on-call doctor asked how the contractions were spaced. I told her they were about 20 minutes apart. She explained Braxton Hicks contractions to me. She told me that if there was no bleeding or uncommon discharge, that if I could rest/sleep, and that if the contractions were not more than six per hour, that all was normal. So, I am normal (in this department)!