A Glimpse

Today, Adam and I had our second glimpse (via ultrasound) at the blossoming life within my womb. I am both humbled and elated. I took the remainder of the day to contemplate my role in this child's development, my role in the journey of a new life.

We have elected to keep the sex of our unborn baby a mystery. A decision that seems to boggle most of our friends and acquaintances. It seems as though we live in a time with so few mysteries. Our lives are lived in full exposure. We want to be able to hold on to the element of surprise in that one area.

I am 129 days (19 weeks) into my pregnancy.  Our baby is 5-5.5 " long and weighs about 5.25 ounces. When I lay down to sleep and when a wake up, I feel "fluttering" movements in my growing belly.