Marshall has been signing to us, regularly, for about 3 weeks. He signs when he wants to nurse (gigi), by using the ASL sign for milk (created by opening and closing the right hand, in a milking motion). He will continue to make the sign, as he is breastfeeding. So sweet. His sign for "more" is similar, but he uses both hands, palms up. You will see this sign most often at mealtimes. Especially meals involving blueberries.

We sign while singing the alphabet, so he does too. I love watching his chubby fingers move, as he bobs along. He cannot yet form the letters, but he has plenty of time.

While at the grocery a couple of weeks ago, the baby is in his sling, furiously singing "gigi, gigi, more, more", when an older gentleman asked, "Is he signing? My son is teaching his son sign language". Loved it!

While we have no plans for our child to replace verbal communication with its silent partner, it is a real joy for all of us to have this additional layer or communication. We will continue to show him signs and to learn his signs, as we go along.