Marshall was standing on the couch, holding onto the window sill, looking out at the falling snow, yesterday. I sat next to him with my hand on his back. When I began absentmindedly humming Sarasponda, he started to dance! Bobbing his soft, fuzzy little head up and down. It was not coincidental, because it was reproducible. If you play music, sing, hum, or drum a rhythm, he will dance. No one else has to be moving.

I love Marsh's growing abilities. He is so much fun, even on his crabbier teething days. He has three teeth coming in; the bottom central incisors and the top right central incisor. The poor babe is most uncomfortable at night, when there are less distractions. He loves to bite; elbows, chins, cheeks, fabric. He is not really into any of his designated teething toys. Teething tabs provide him with some comfort so that he can rest.

While breastfeeding, he has clamped down very hard a few times (growling), startling me. Twice I hooted loudly, "Ouch!" This brought him to tears, but after calming him down and letting him re-latch he did it again. So, I are trying to pay close attention and catch him before he bites.