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Keeping my hands busy these last two days has seemed so critical. Perhaps if I am up to my elbows in suds cleaning something or if my fingers are covered in flour from making a pie crust, they won’t remember what else they held so recently.

I talked with our midwife, today. She wanted to check in and see how I was feeling. And, I said honestly that I did not know. She recommended taking a couple of months “off” to heal and think.

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Hi Charlotte, I definitely like the idea of keeping busy. And your midwife has some good thoughts about resting for a little while. Here are some interesting articles I found on miscarriage in the past few months:

And finally, I stumbled upon this blog a few years ago: – just after the mom had a miscarriage. She blogs well about her experiences, and although I don’t always agree with all of her ideas, I do enjoy reading about her family.

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