Feeling It…

Feeling It…

About three weeks ago, the baby migrated and its head came to rest in my pelvis. (The baby is engaged. Thank you baby! You are just where you need to be.) Along with that shift came some discomfort for me; swelling feet and legs, a pea-sized bladder, and pressure! Lots of pressure. As Leslie so aptly put it, “like a cement filled beach ball”. I was dealing with it by walking and stretching, regularly.

My cervix is now taking the brunt of it. The last week has been pretty intense. Regular contractions that do not go away and do not get closer together. So, I am stretching, breathing, hydrating, and resting. I have begun my leave from work. I find that I am better able to cope mentally and physically. I do not want to go into labor all wrung out. I feel like this miracle must take precedence over my work.

The last visit to the mid-wives (4/25) went very well. Micky was palpitating my impressive belly and said, “You have a big, healthy baby in there. Here is its head and here is its bum. My goodness… Probably seven and a half, eight pounds, already.” We then talked about family birth weights. So, my Bumpy is big one. No peanut for me. I went back through some of the baby clothes and realized that this babe will not even fit into many of them at all!

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  1. that is so sad about the baby clothes! the clothesline will be an even greater place because you can turn in the clothes that don’t fit for credit!
    you should definitely come over and check out the embarrassing pile of clothes I have.. some are larger than infant sizes so they might work for you!

    ps. remember my money is on the 23rd of May. so keep that extra-large peanut WHERE IT IS!

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