Amused Animal Loving

Groundhog Viewing

On our family walk, this evening, we saw a woodchuck (Marmota monax) at the Thomas Whipple House on the common. He patiently allowed Adam to take photo after photo. Sometimes pretending to be shy as he peeped out from underneath the house, behind the granite step. Brazenly sitting on the step, at other times. What a thrill can be had in such simple contact.

Animal Loving

The Dog

Adam and I now share our home with a 2 year old, spayed, black lab mix named Coco. We found her through a posting on craigslist. What a joy! She is very smart and playful. And, although she was described a shy with men, has already formed a strong bond with Adam. Coco is adjusting to our life so well. We bought a Gentle Leader to walk her with, instead of the traditional collar. What an incredible difference! Walking her on a leash was a painful experience before, with Coco pulling like an Iditarod champion. I am so glad to have her with us!