A Catalpa Bean

Our baby received its very first gift on Saturday. A catalpa bean pod from family friend, M.J. He told us that if I shook the organic “rattle” near my belly, the baby would be introduced, early, to rhythm. He also explained that we would need to be careful, because according to native american lore, mischievous spirits are attracted to rattled rhythms. So, if I continue to misplace things (keys, papers, and most recently a stoneware baking dish…) I will just blame it on some unsuspecting puck.


A Glimpse

Today, Adam and I had our second glimpse (via ultrasound) at the blossoming life within my womb. I am both humbled and elated. I took the remainder of the day to contemplate my role in this child’s development, my role in the journey of a new life.

We have elected to keep the sex of our unborn baby a mystery. A decision that seems to boggle most of our friends and acquaintances. It seems as though we live in a time with so few mysteries. Our lives are lived in full exposure. We want to be able to hold on to the element of surprise in that one area.

I am 129 days (19 weeks) into my pregnancy.  Our baby is 5-5.5 ” long and weighs about 5.25 ounces. When I lay down to sleep and when a wake up, I feel “fluttering” movements in my growing belly.